As someone who loves makeup and all things beauty, my favorite store is Sephora. I love to go there (by myself) and take my time perusing the aisles, looking at the latest lip color.┬áThat being said, I’ve been watching a lot of beauty vloggers and have been surprised at how many of them recommend some drugstore beauty products. Drugstore beauty products include anything you see at Target, Costco, etc. Because my skin is sensitive, I haven’t wanted to jump of the lower end foundation train, but I HAVE been exploring lip colors and face masks. I’ve been pleasantly surprised and so I thought I would share with you a couple of my favorites.


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  1. Kirkland Face Towelettes – I use these every night to take off my makeup. It does a good job and is fairly gentle, although my Clinique makeup remover is the most gentle thing I’ve used. You can get a bunch too! And they’re nice to take on trips.
  2. L’oreal Clay Mask – I’ve talked about this mask before because I freaking LOVE IT but it is a drugstore brand, so I thought I would include it again. It feels so good on your skin and you can feel like purifying everything. I am definitely going to continue with this line of clay masks because I love them. Allure Magazine recommended them as well. (side note – this is an affiliate link so if you buy from this link, I get a teeny commission)
  3. Essential Oils – So…. obviously you can’t buy these in the drugstore, but I included them because they’re not really a oviduct of the cosmetic industry.
    1. Tea Tree Oil – I’ve been using this on my breakouts because it is good for cleansing and purifying the skin. It also helps with skin irritation so it’s been REALLY helping clear up any breakouts. We’ll see how it does long term
    2. Frankincense – I’ve been using this because it’s supposed to help rejuvenate the skin and lessen imperfections. We will see!


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  1. Beauty Blenders (off brand) – I don’t see the ones I actually have so I just linked to some others I found that are similar. First off, let me apologize for how terrible my sponges look. Whoops! But i use them and I didn’t have any brand news ones to photograph. That being said, I really like these. Disclaimer, I have not used the actual Beauty Blender, so maybe that would be SO MUCH BETTER, but I just can’t see paying $20 for a sponge. These are good for applying foundation and concealer in a way that makes it looked “airbrushed”.
  2. Pixi Contour/Bronze palette – I only bought this because of my favorite Vloggers partnered with Pixi but I really do like it. Some of you may not contour and highlight, so if not, this wouldn’t be good for you. If you do or want to, this is a very affordable option!
  3. Maybelline lip palette – If you follow my Instagram, you’ve already seen me post this. These are really nice. They are all very pretty colors, it goes on smoothly, and they stay pretty well as long as you use a liner. This is a nice way to get a range of colors if you like to experiment.
  4. Maybelline Liquid Matte Lipstick – This goes on smoothly, smell so nice, and is hydrating. That being said, it doesn’t dry down the way a matte lipstick is supposed to BUT i actually don’t like when it dries down. I’m not sure if my lips are just overly dry or if it’s something else, but I feel like I need to lick my lips all the time when I use my Tarte liquid matte lipstick (amazon affiliate link)
  5. Maybelline Matte Lipstick – This is smooth, it stays on very well, and feels so nice on my lips. This one is my favorite. (amazon affiliate link)


I haven’t tried a ton of lipsticks other than Maybelline, so maybe I will in the future. One of my favorite Vloggers, Manny MUA, uses a ton of Maybelline AND he’s the new face of their great lash mascara campaign so that’s why I tried them first. I definitely recommend everything so far!!


There you have it!! Affordable products that make up feel all fancy for the pickup line!

What do you think? Any brands you really love and recommend?