Hello to everyone!! I hope you’re having a good 2016 so far. I can’t believe it’s already February but I guess time really does fly when you become an adult. This week, I wanted to talk about our home because we are seriously considering a bathroom remodel. We bought this house in 2011 and since then, we’ve done a lot of repainting, knocked down and rebuilt a back porch, updated the siding (is mainly brick but the back has vinyl siding) and a full kitchen/dining room remodel. We still have a lot of projects we’d like to do and this year, we’ve decided to do this!! I’m also excited to showcase my talents because I am hoping that some of you will like what I do and hire me!!


This is my bathroom. I apologize in advance for the pictures. It’s a small space, the lighting was kind of poo, and I tried to handhold my camera with a low shutter speed.


ANT_7217 ANT_7220As you can see, it needs some work. The thing is, we’d really like to make a lot of changes, like shifting walls, extending the shower, putting in a barn door, etc. I’m just not 100% sure what direction we’re going to take because 1) it’s a third bathroom, so it doesn’t really need to be super fancy and 2) we want to keep in mind the cost of investment vs the return on investment. No one really uses the shower so it doesn’t need to be anything fancy BUT it’s also the main guest bathroom because when people come over, it’s the only one downstairs. We have two upstairs that also need to be redone. That being said, our house is only going to appreciate so much based on location and surrounding houses, so we have to find the right balance between upgrading it verses keeping a smart budget.


My style tends to be more classic, a little quirky, and colorful. The picture above is the color of the walls in our bedroom. Most of the rooms in our house are some kind of color whether it’s blue, green, or yellow. Beyond the bright colors, most everything else is what I would call a modern, classic, cottage style. It doesn’t seem like those go together, but somehow, I make it work. Below is the color palette for the remodel. I added a brown swatch because I want the vanity and shelves to be made of distressed wood. My husband is a tree guy, and he likes to make furniture so each time we remodel something, we tend to add a lot of wooden pieces. For our kitchen, he made a bar top made of maple. It’s really pretty. Our counters are hickory butcher block ( he did NOT make those). Anyway, he’s going to make wooden shelves to go above the toilet.


I also added a dark gray. IF we decide to expand the shower, that’s still in question, we want to use white subway tiles with a dark gray grout. We’d also like to add a glass door and I’m thinking the frame could be dark but that’s a big IF because the cost may be too much. Either way, you can see the colors I like for this. I’ve taken a screenshot of my Pinterest board below and you can get an idea of what I want for this.


Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.19.43 AM


I’d like the vanity to be a dark, worn wood. If we can’t find that, then I’d rather have a pedestal sink and add storage in some other way. I want wooden shelves above the toilet and I’d really love that tile above (we’ll see because ya know…$$$). This is going to be a fun project and it’s something I really love doing! Let me know what you think.

Any other suggestions?? Have you redone a bathroom?? What’s your style? I’d love for you to comment below!!