It’s beauty week again and I’m here to talk about some of E and A Style’s FAVORITE picks. I’ve been experimenting with lots of things from clay masks to new liners and I wanted to talk about some of my favorites.



best beauty finds fall 2016


I was reading in Allure Magazine (a great place for lots of beauty information), and they recommended this clay mask by L’oreal. I’m not typically a drugstore gal but they talked very highly about it so I thought I would give it a try. I’ve used it a couple of times and it definitely makes my skin feel smooth and clean. Although I have dry skin, I tend to have hormonal breakouts, all along my chin. I tend to stay away from any moisturizing mask because they can cause breakouts, but this mask was amazing. It made my skin feel smooth and clean. I’ll let you know if it begins to help with breakouts over time!




clay mask skin care to clear acne prone skin


I got this mask in my Ipsy bag. It’s called Dead Sea Wash Off Mask by Global Beauty. Again, this is more for purifying and extracting dirt which is perfect for me. I freaking loved this mask. Other than it making my son look at me like a crazy person, it felt so awesome on my skin and my face felt so smooth afterwards. I 100% would consider buying this mask and having more than just a sample at home.


skin care for oily or t zone skin


I ventured away from my typical Clinique routine and my skin has gone awry. I do that every once in a while, but I always come back to my old faithful. Clinique continues to be the best skin care option for me and these two products are key. The oil free gel moisturizer and the acne control lotion. I use an entire Clinique system and I’ll talk about that one day, but these two are the ones I just cannot live without.


simple beauty routine for stay at home mom or woman on the go


I realized that I am old and while I would really like to think that all I need is some BB Cream and concealer, I’ve realized that I honestly need a little bit more. Or a lot more. Some of the things I’ve noticed are larger pores, especially in my t zone area, acne scars around my skin, and sun spots. Freaking sun spots. Arrrrggghhhh. So I talked to the lady at the BB counter in Greenville and she recommended a couple of things. This pore minimizer which is not a full primer, but just for specific areas. She said their lotion has a primer in it, but I am hesitant because of my skin. She recommended this foundation and the first time I put it on, I was skeptical. It was like water. Before I applied it, I thought, did she give me the wrong thing because this ain’t covering a dern thing (southern talk y’all). You know what, after I applied it, I couldn’t believe it. I went to BB Cream because I hate how heavy foundation can feel. This didn’t feel like that though, it felt amazing!! It gave me beautiful coverage and it lasted a long time. Bobbi Brown for the win! The powder felt great as well and I was so happy!! Check out my Instagram account because I talk about this stuff daily in my stories!


high end bronzer best bronzer ever


A reader recommended this bronzer and I was hesitant because it was super expensive. That being said, it. is. a-maz-ing. A – MAZ – ING. I will never NOT use this bronzer again. The darkness scared me but it doesn’t take much, it goes on smoothly, and it blends well. You definitely have to use the brush given. I tried something different and it didn’t work, but once I used their brush, I knew I could never go back. Listen, I’m not a big contour person. Who has time for that? But this is a beautiful bronzer that any contour newbie could do.


best liquid liner ipsy glam bag


I got this liner in my Ipsy bag as well and I love it. It goes on smoothly, it’s easy to control, it lasts all day, it’s not too harsh (even though it’s black), and it comes off easily at night. I am always on the lookout for liquid liner, which I’ve definitely talked about before, and this did not disappoint. Thanks Ipsy!


Any new beauty finds you’re loving?


Even though I’ve found some good stuff in my Ipsy bags, I decided to cancel and try Birchbox. After a couple of months, I’ll decide which one I like best. Sometimes my Ipsy bags felt a little cheap so we’ll see how Birch box does. Have you used either one? Your thoughts?

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