Hey y’all!! Welcome back to my Makeup 101 series!! If this is your first time reading from this series, you can start here and then here. I need to write another post about skincare because I am constantly trying to figure out what’s best for my skin but since I’m still in the process, I’ll wait until another day. On to the subject at hand, primer. What is primer you say? Primer is something you apply after moisturizer and before foundation. This post will focus on the benefits of primer as well as the different types that might be best depending on your skin type and use.






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Thanks to everyone who read my most recent post, Makeup101. I’m excited that it was so well received!! I’m already doing some research on how to create YouTube videos, so be on the lookout for some awesome tutorials!! Another series I wanted to tackle is a “How To” series for styling. I asked my IG followers […]

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