Hello everyone!! Welcome back. I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to blog last week. We had a major storm and our power was out long enough to disrupt my entire week, hence the lack of a new blog post. I try to blog at least once, or possibly twice a week, and I dropped the ball. I didn’t want to throw this post together quickly though because I am super excited about it. This will be my first local highlight of 2017 AND it’s also going to be my first “client case” for my blog. If you’re new to the blog, or you’ve been reading for a while but didn’t know, I am a personal stylist and photographer. When local jeweler, Margaret hired me to help her develop an image for her new company which infuses her jewelry as well as her yoga. It was a ton of fun so I thought I could combine everything we did in this little post as well as talk about her cool new business.


professional headshots greenville sc




fashion stylist greenville sc

Thanks to everyone who read my most recent post, Makeup101. I’m excited that it was so well received!! I’m already doing some research on how to create YouTube videos, so be on the lookout for some awesome tutorials!! Another series I wanted to tackle is a “How To” series for styling. I asked my IG followers […]

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I think you can probably gather from following my blog that I am a makeup addict. I’m the kind of person who likes to watch tutorials on YouTube and learn all about new products. I realize, though, that many of you could not care less about makeup. You may like to wear it occasionally but […]

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