One of my friends recently mentioned that the idea of a capsule wardrobe is interesting but of all the ones she’s seen, they seem so, well, boring. I can definitely see that, especially if you look at mine, simply because I go for comfort and easy to wash. Boho Style is a super fun, funky trend and so building a capsule wardrobe with that trend in mind can be really fun. Here are some essentials for any Boho Style Capsule Wardrobe.


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one. distressed skinnies / two. loose midriff t shirt / three. gladiator sandals / four. kimono / five. maxi skirt /

six. off the shoulder blouse / 7. summer hat / 8. loose tank / 9. bangles

There are lots of other things I could add to the list, but I feel like this is a great start. Obviously, the idea is lots of casual, loose items that give off that “i’m so bohemian, i don’t have time to iron” feel. Kidding. The funny thing is that I gravitate towards a boho style but when I actually buy things, I end up being much more Jennifer Aniston casual. I don’t know why, but it happens every time.

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, obviously, you just have to make sure you can create a lot of looks through pairing. What’s your style? If you could wear anything, what would it be? As always, thanks for reading.

oh yeah, and if you’re looking for some help in your own wardrobe, send me a message!!