I’ve never been one to shy away from hair trends. If you ask my stylist, Merri Johnson at Wilson’s on Washington, I’ve had every color, cut, and style you can have. I’ve dried it straight, worn it curly, had bangs, a bob, long hair, etc. I’m not sure if that makes me an expert but it at least helps you understand that I am not afraid to try something new!


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Hair Trend #1 – Bangs

Bangs, bangs, and more bangs. I’ve seen short bangs, long bangs, side swept bangs, wispy bangs. A lot of it has to do with your face shape and hair texture. For me, my hair is curly and any humidity at all can cause it to go awry so what bangs are best for me, side swept that can be easily pulled back with a bobby pin on rainy days or when traveling to the beach.


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Hair Trend #2 – The Bob

Long bob, short, bob, mid length bob, etc. I have a short cut now and am looking to grow it out to a mid length bob. Choppy, layers, and yes, bangs. I want to do this, one for a different style and two, because I can still pull it back when it’s super hot.


bob, choppy bob, blonde, cameron diaz, hair trends, yeahthatgreenville


Hair Trend #3 – Afro

I so love beautiful, curly, wild hair! There’s something very regal about it and it can look good in any setting.


afro, african american woman, hair trends, yeahthatgreenville


Hair Trend #4 – Bold Color

Whether you go Taylor Swift platinum blond or a sultry red, the trend is to go past the point of au natural and to something that makes a statement


red hair, bold color, hair trends, yeahthatgreenville


Can’t decide if or which style to try? Make sure you have a reliable stylist who you trust and will help you through the process. Taking the leap is really more than just making a decision. It’s consulting with someone who knows you, knows your daily routine, and knows how far you’ll ultimately go and still be happy. That’s why I love Merri, because she knows me well enough to say no to my craziness sometimes. And she knows when to push me if I need it.

Would you try any of these? Do you like to change your style/color a lot?