Thanks to everyone who read my most recent post, Makeup101. I’m excited that it was so well received!! I’m already doing some research on how to create YouTube videos, so be on the lookout for some awesome tutorials!! Another series I wanted to tackle is a “How To” series for styling. I asked my IG followers where they had the most trouble and again, got a bunch of responses. I think I’ll tackle one time of clothing bimonthly, so please feel free to comment or message me any requests!! First on the agenda is flared denim. Read below to find out more about how to style this on trend item!



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Most of these items are older so I’ve linked up a couple of cute items that would work in this scenario

Ann Taylor Blouse (this is cute, this, this) / Gap Flared Denim (sorry these are expensive but cute, these, these)  / Abercrombie Belt (this) / Target Ankle Boots (these, these, these)



I realize that we’re in the decade of the skinny jean. It is the to go to casual item that I see at almost every library and park playdate. I get it, they’re comfy, they look stylish, and they’re pretty easy to style. Skinny jeans are my absolute go to when I am in a hurry and don’t have the time or energy to put something together. That being said, denim with a flare can add a little bit of style into any outfit and step up your #momstyle game.


Flared Denim: What the heck is it?


I’m sure y’all already know this but JUST IN CASE, I wanted to cover what exactly I mean when I say denim with a flare. There are so many options in this style, so depending on your body style, age, event type, etc You can find the right fit. Flared denim is just that; denim with a flare. The style can include boot cut, straight leg, trouser pants, and bell bottoms. The funny thing is that when I was younger, that’s all there was!! In high school, I actually wore my dad’s old bell bottoms from when he was in high school hehehehe.



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I’ve talked about this outfit before so you can see the details here 


Boot Cut – great for every body shape. You have to watch for the rise in these, some are going to be a low rise. Low rise can be an issue, especially if your trouble area is your tummy. I do not feel comfortable in low rise jeans, I prefer high waisted. The thigh will be fitted but not tight and the flare is gentle. Great for any body type and also any age.

Trouser jeans (these are my favorite) – These are going to have a higher rise, the thighs will be fitted but not tight, and the flare will be more exaggerated. These are classy, typical well made, and great for all body types, especially the juicer booties! Also great at any age.

Bell Bottoms  – These are going to be low rise (waist), very fitted in the thigh, and extreme flare. Best suited for smaller booties because it helps accentuate the high/thigh area. They’re also a younger style 😉


Things to remember when purchasing flared denim

I think the reason that skinny jeans are so popular is that they are very versatile. You can have one pair of skinnys to dress up, dress down, wear with any shoe. Flared denim is trickier because if you want to wear them with heels, they need to be longer. If you want to wear them with flats, duh, they need to be fitted for that. So here are some tips when buying:

  1. Consider how they’ll be worn. Are you going to wear them daily? Casual? Make sure they are the correct length. Depending on the brand you buy and how tall you are, you also may have to get them hemmed. I have a pair that I wear casually and always with flats. I have a separate pair that I wear with heels.
  2. Length – as mentioned above, unless you just happen to be that perfect height (and I mean perfect in terms of how they make the denim), you’re probably going to have to get them hemmed I’m 5’8″ and I usually have to get higher end denim hemmed. Find a good seamstress and get your clothes to fit perfectly for you. We have some great ones here in Greenville
  3. Color – this is true of all denim. Darker denim tends to be dressier. They’re also more flattering. Lighter denim is younger, more casual, and a little more difficult to style IMO. I prefer darker always, but lighter is in style now, so if you’re wanting to be more of a trendsetter, go for that light girl.
  4. Shoes – Pointy heels (or pointy flats since they’re in style now)  with flared denim are going to give you the appearance of longer legs. High waist is also going to elongate the legs! I have a long torso so high waisted denim is my freaking favorite.



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Styling Tips


  1. Balance – Any time you put together an outfit, you’re looking for balance. balance is what keeps you from looking like Dorothy Szponak. (that’s a Golden Girls reference for all you younger gals). A top that’s blousey is going to look better either tucked in OR with a more classic cut, like boot cut. To wear bell bottoms or even trouser jeans, you want something a little more fitted or structured. A tank top or maybe a blousey cami and a fitted jacket.
  2. Shoes and length – Please do not have flared denim to short. You go from having a cute outfit to looking like Shaggy
  3. Experiment!! Dress them up, wear them casually, whatever feels good. They really are so easy and fun to wear and they’re so unique right now!!


I hope y’all enjoyed this. Let me know in the comments and I’ll do more posts like this. Thanks so much!