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You saw some of my new goodies from this weekend.

Gel Eyeliner Bobbi Brown If you read this, you know I’ve been on the lookout for a good eyeliner. I decided to go ahead and try the gel liner even though I’m not usually a fan. I’ve worn it twice and so far, I like it. It really is long lasting, and it doesn’t fade like most gel liners do. It takes longer to put on, but I’m sure the more I practice, the quicker I will get. I won’t do a full review until I’ve worn it several times so watch out for that.

Brow Shaper Bobbi Brown This thang ain’t no joke! It goes on very heavy so you really have to lightly brush it. I need to experiment with some different things to figure this out because every time I apply it, it’s super heavy. I’ll report back once I figure it out!