Last week, I showed you some new makeup I bought so this week, I thought I’d share some of my weekly favorites again. It might even become a regular thing, who knows!!


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Being a stylist, I obviously need to keep up with the trends. I decided to subscribe to InStyle simply because I feel like they’re a good place for fashion, but not so high fashion that it’s not relevant to my life. I did it just in time because March is all about spring fashion and I’m currently planning my spring capsule wardrobe.

Even before I decided to start my business, I needed a planner to help me stay on task during the day. I seriously have to write out each day what I need to clean, what playdates we have, what shopping needs to be done, and what we’re going to have for dinner. It’s not that I can’t remember it but it somehow becomes more concrete when I write it in a planner. Even though this one from Whitney English is expensive, I like that it has a lot of spaces for each day, inspirational quotes, and it’s geared towards creatives and goal planning. I decided to splurge on this in the hopes that it would help me stay on task at home and in my business.

Both of my kids have had dairy and soy allergies so I’ve had to completely give up dairy and soy in my diet. I don’t mind but it’s hard to find any kind of dessert that doesn’t have soy. Even most vegan stuff has some type of soy derivative and so when I stumbled upon these Theo Bars, I was so excited. I found some new flavors today and I’m super excited to try them.

If you follow me on Instagram;, you’ll see that I have been in love with these tulips from Trader Joe’s. I actually have two Instragram accounts, one for style and the other for photography, and the tulips have made an appearance on both 🙂 – I must just be really, really ready for spring.

What are you loving this week?