I think you can probably gather from following my blog that I am a makeup addict. I’m the kind of person who likes to watch tutorials on YouTube and learn all about new products. I realize, though, that many of you could not care less about makeup. You may like to wear it occasionally but overall, it’s not something you think about on a daily basis. I do think that some of you want to learn more about makeup application and products that are right for you. You basically told me so in my survey haha, so I thought about starting a series called Makeup 101. My idea for this series is to have posts about what product is right for you, what the heck does this do, video tutorials, and much more.

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Makeup 101 Introduction

To begin the series, I thought I’d tackle the dichotomy that is makeup geek versus anti makeup. As we all know, there is always a spectrum that ranges from A to B. Point A is the extreme makeup addict who contours everyday, uses fake lashes every day, can’t be seen in public without makeup because she (or he) may be too self conscious to let the world see her (or him) without some kind of something on her (or his) face. We don’t want to be that. On the other side, there is the anti makeup, believes that makeup is the devil and that are all brain washed into thinking we must wear makeup. You can be that person 100%, I think that’s great, but I seriously doubt you’re reading my blog right now. SO… most of us fall in the middle somewhere. It’s okay to like makeup and want to look nice. And it’s okay to believe that we are much deeper humans that can provide the world so much more than just a pretty face. YOU CAN BE BOTH. You can look nice AND you can believe that women are more than their looks. I say that because that’s me! I feel like I’m a deep person with interests in supporting women of all shapes and sizes, of all interests, and of all races. We are beautiful, strong, able and we’re freaking awesome! And I also like to contour my nose sometimes (wink).

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What can makeup do for you –

For me, makeup is a self care thing. I really enjoy applying different colors and products to see what I can do. It’s almost like painting. I am creating a look. I do believe that anytime we can do something to care for ourselves, it is a form of self care. That could be a bubble bath, a gentle massage, putting on our favorite dress, or getting a new haircut. Sometimes, the outside is the first step towards transformation. When we feel like we deserve to look good on the outside, when we feel like we’re worthy of putting our best selves forward, we might feel a little better on the inside. We can’t stop there, we must keep moving forward and do other things that build our self esteem. That can include a ton of things which I won’t discuss here, but I want you to understand that the balance of taking care of ourselves includes internal and external care.


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Have I convinced you yet? Are you on board? If so, please look to the coming weeks where I will being to cover the basics of makeup. I will go over how products are used, tutorials, more reviews, etc. Please comment below or send me an email, eandastyle@gmail.com, letting me know if you have any topics you’d like for me to cover.


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I’m so excited to be doing this, even if I am slightly terrified to record myself. Y’all are going to see my first ventures into videography and that is TERRIFYING. Thank you for reading!!