Valentine’s Day is one of those days where you can get dressed up, have a nice meal, and do something super romantic. Or you can be like my husband and I, not really that into it. We do a little something each year, but especially after having kids, it’s really more like a card and some chocolate. Who passes up a time to eat chocolate? If we do go out, it’s usually very casual, so this post is dedicated to that!


casual, valentine's day, style, moms, jeans, jacket, polka dots, fashion


I already owned the jacket from a couple of years ago. I bought it at Macy’s. The jeans are old as well, from my old mom jean staple, the Gap. The shirt was something I purchased for my Capsule wardrobe, and the shoes were a gift from my mom.


mom style, fashion, polka dots, jacket, jeans, casual, valentine's day


My husband took these pictures and I would say, not too shabby, especially considering the light is so horrible.


mom style, valentine's day, polka dots, jacket, jeans, fashion


In Greenville, there are so many great restaurants to choose from. If you want something really laid back and casual, we have:


mom style, fashion, greenville, polka dots, jeans, jacket, valentine's day


If you need help with styling for a special date, like valentines day, please be sure to check out my page and give me a call.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?