Hey y’all! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I am still trying to figure out what I want to do with my blog for 2017. I am wanting to show more of myself in my daily life so that you can see how I incorporate some sort of style, enough to make me at least feel put together, but still manage these kiddos. Mom style can be tough because I want to look good, but still be able to change a poopy diaper while cooking sweet potatoes and breastfeeding in public, ya know… The thing is, I actually really dislike being IN FRONT of the camera. I am a goofball naturally and so every time I try to look cool in my clothes, I feel like it just looks silly. This week, I thought I would try something a little different. I decided to have my husband takes pictures of us at the park. I got the camera out yesterday and played with my kids while taking pictures as well. The final product is exactly what I expected, me being an idiot, but you get to see my real life right here, rocking it like a boss, a goofy boss.


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You’ve totally seen that jumper before, and that’s because I don’t just blog about a capsule wardrobe, I live it. I’m not joking when I say it makes life so much easier when you have less clothes. It was 75 degrees yesterday here in SC, so I’m jumping on the whole global warming wave and wearing no sleeves in January. It was also an opportunity for me to wear my fave sandals ever, thanks to Jane, my younger fashion muse.


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I’m being a total goofball here but it also shows exactly what I’m wearing ­čÖé – These are all clothes from my spring wardrobe 2016.


capsule wardrobe greenville sc


Am I starting any major trends here with my blue linen Jcrew shirt and skinny jeans, no. Am I wearing an oversized cat t-shirt with leggings, no. So i consider this a fashion win.┬áThere you have it. Two outfits that I actually wore this week. One day, I got kind of fancy and dang if I didn’t take a picture that day. What’s up with that!!! Anyway, I’m looking to post more of this type of stuff and also post more frequently, so any feedback you give would be greatly appreciated. I love hearing from you and it makes me feel like someone is reading… anyone… Bueller…