If you’re living in the South, you are probably enjoying this beautiful weather right now! I think, for the most part, spring has sprung. With that comes a new spring wardrobe! I’ve already talked about some of the trends for Spring/Summer 2016, but I’ve actually started building MY OWN wardrobe and thought I’d share it here so you can see some of the process in action.

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Spring Wardrobe – What I already have:

1 pair of shorts, Khaki

1 t-shirt that is cute enough to be “stylish” vs my old college t-shirts (which have their place too)

2 dresses

2 pair of jeans (1 black pair, and 1 regular pair – both skinny)

Denim jacket

1 romper

Spring Wardrobe – What I want:

A flowy skirt

A shirtdress

A Jumper with long pants

1 maxi skirt

t-shirt dress

Shirts for my jeans/shorts

Spring Wardrobe – What I bought:

I’m in the process of buying my wardrobe and slowly filling in. I’m still figuring out what exactly I want and where from, so that’s part of it, plus I know that I have time before full fledge spring. Jcrew, one of my very fav stores, had a sale this weekend, so I got some essential staples that can be used through spring, summer, and fall. I also bought a pair of go to sandals because even though it’s widely accepted to wear flip flops in the South, I feel like a nice pair of leather sandals can go a long way in making one look put together but still be comfortable

spring wardrobe
Popover shirt – casual, clean, versatile
spring wardrobe
I got royal blue, it’s linen and oh so awesome


spring wardrobe
I got yellow and it is amazing!


spring wardrobe
I have gotten the cargo skinny’s before but they just don’t really breathe well, so I thought these would be a still cute, but more comfortable version


spring wardrobe
One can always use an extra pair of shorts, especially moms


spring wardrobe
Thanks to my friend over at In the Pink and Green, I fell in love with these and ordered them. I feel like they’re exactly the combination of comfort and style that fits my lifestyle


I’ll focus on the rest of the stuff on my list next month. Since having another baby, and really, 2 babies in the part 3 years, I’ve gone through a lot of wardrobe changes so the past one and this one are elaborate. Because I am investing in quality items, I feel like the next couple of season changes are going to be less costly (my husband will appreciate that).

Watch out for styling tips as I continue to build my wardrobe and show you how to create a variety of combinations within a minimal selection. It makes being a mom just that much easier and I don’t feel like I”m always out in running pants.

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What are you buying for spring?