I thought I would continue on with the Boho theme this week and give an examples of how to style a staple boho piece. It’s one thing for me to give you all this information about building a wardrobe, but never really give examples of how to style them all together. I mentioned that my wardrobe tends to be very simple, lots of denim and t shirts, but I do happen to have a couple of pieces that are more bohemian. In another life, I would totally dress like a hippie 🙂



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Here’s our Kimono dress. I bought this on one of those Facebook groups that resells things but it’s originally from fab’rik. Let’s consider a couple of scenarios and then style this dress based on where we’re going.

Scenario #1 – A weekend lunch downtown with the family

casual, kimono dress, denim shorts, pons sandals, bangles, summer, #yeahthatgreenville, personal stylist

denim shorts / simple tank / pons sandals / long necklace / bangles

There are a ton of things you can do with this, and you can take this idea and create your own. I tend to be a bit more conservative and so, for me to wear something like this kimono, I like to have basics everywhere else. I chose a beige tank I bought from H&M years ago. The shorts I bought at Target 2 years ago because I was so thin and I knew I wasn’t going to be that size forever, so I wanted some cheap shorts to get me through my thin phase. The necklace and bangles were a gift, so I just found some similar ones for the links above.

Scenario #2 – Date Night

black dress, kimono dress, bangles, sandals, summer, #yeahthatgreenville, boho style, boho chic, personal stylist

black dress / sandals / necklace / bracelet

The dress is Loft and I bought it with this spring’s capsule wardrobe. The shoes I’ve had forever and just found some other cutes ones for the link. The necklace, I bought at Old Navy years ago, and the bracelet is something I bought from a girl who makes jewelry and sells it on the market in Charleston. She uses all materials from West Africa and because I have a fascination and love of Africa, I had to buy it! I wish I had her information because all of her jewelry was gorgeous.

What do you think? Simple enough, right? If you have trouble styling yourself, let me know and I can come to your house and help you out, new clothes or existing ones!