This week has been one of those weeks where I really struggle with makeup. By struggle, I mean, I haven’t put any on AT ALL. I’m not one that feels like I absolutely need makeup, but if you’ve read anything on this blog before, you know that I prefer to have some, even just a little. For the most part though, I am able to get a little 5 minute face going each day, no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing. Here are the products I use and how I do it.


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Here are the products I useĀ 

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Clean Skin

The most important part for me is having clear and clean skin. I spend the most time on that. Some people can skip this or limit this and focus on something else, but for me, I’d rather have concealer and powder over anything else.

  1. BB Cream – I HATE the feeling of foundation even though I love the coverage. In the winter, I don’t mind using something a bit heavier, but really, since having kids, I pretty much always use BB Cream. I really like Bobbi Brown’s. I just put a nickel size amount in my hands, rub it together and apply it to my face all over.
  2. Concealer – When I’m in a hurry, I only put concealer under my eyes. I naturally have dark eye circles and then add sleepless mommy nights and the fact that I am, ahem, of advanced maternal age, the under eyes GOTS to be covered.
  3. Loose Powder – I just use a big powder brush and use it to set everything. Good brushes are always a must.

Add Some Color

  1. Blush – I always wear blush – just apply some to the apple of your cheeks
  2. Eye Shadow – in a pinch, I just put a simple neutral color on my lid. Depending on time, I’ll add more here, but usually, just one color and some…
  3. Eye liner – I use a pencil to draw a smudgy line on my upper lid. It is RARE that one can pull off liner on the bottom lid, but I’ll talk about that another day.
  4. Mascara – self explanatory


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Extra Pointers

  1. Good Brushes – get them, have them, use them (and make sure you clean them)
  2. Limited choices – my makeup bag is simple just like my wardrobe
  3. Practice – the key to quick application on things like eye liner and blush is just having experience doing it so if you’re not feeling like a pro, practice when you have time so when you’re in a hurry, you won’t get frustrated and end up looking like Amy Winehouse (although I really love her)


If you have any extra tips or tricks, please share below. Thanks for reading!